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Bath Remodel in Akron

There is no reason to wait for a premium bath remodel for your Akron home when the professionals at Bath Bros can get it done in as little as one day! Our team can perform a staggering variety of bathroom services quickly, so you can have the remodel on time and on budget. We have been helping homeowners in the Northeast Ohio area since 1992, and we know that you will love our premium services. Read on to find out how we can give you the bath remodel you have been waiting for!

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Time to Replace Your Northeast Ohio Bathtub

Here are some telltale signs to look out for:

  • Rusting and mineralization on the base or finish
  • Excessive cleaning with diminishing returns
  • Age spots, stains, and cloudiness
  • Mold and mildew deposits
  • Call 330-305-2767 for a free estimate

Reasons for a Replacement Bathtub in Akron

There are lots of reasons that you would want to replace your old or damaged fixture, including:

  • Increase your property value with a bath remodel
  • Additional comfort and flexibility
  • One-of-a-kind design plan to match your decor and budget
  • Five-star installers with over 29+ years of experience

Bath Bros for your Akron Bath Remodel

Call Bath Bros for a free estimate on a full bath remodel that will seamlessly match your home’s decor and budget. Dial 330-305-2767, or fill out the brief contact form on this page to get started any time. For the number one home improvement company in Akron, look no further than Bath Bros!

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